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Gin In A Tin: The Perfect Gift for the Gin Lover in Your Life

We know how hard it can be to find a special gift, whether it’s a milestone birthday, a wedding anniversary or something to show your appreciation to a teacher at the end of a long school year. At Collctiv, we’re always on the lookout for companies that provide a special gifting experience with their unique, distinctive products, and recently we crossed paths with Gin In A Tin.

Founded by dynamic Father/Daughter duo, Martin and Charlotte, this Cotswolds-based brand has built a reputation for their bespoke assortment of uniquely crafted gins. What makes these gins so different? We’re glad you asked! Like it says on the tin (no pun intended!), these gins are elegantly packaged in beautifully illustrated tins. If that wasn’t enough, these gin gifts can be conveniently delivered right to your doorstep in their letterbox friendly packaging.

We had the opportunity to sit down for a one-to-one conversation with co-founder, Charlotte, to find out more about Gin In A Tin. We discussed what’s on the horizon for the brand, their success this year with The Coronation Tin,  their new Christmas range and why their gin makes such a great gift for many occasions!

It’s great to meet you, Charlotte. Can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about Gin In A Tin?

Hi, lovely to meet you!  I am Charlotte, the co-founder of Gin In A Tin. Gin In A Tin is a partnership between myself and Martin. Martin, who is the visionary behind the well-celebrated Gin Pantry and is locally known as a gin connoisseur. The Gin Pantry is home to hundreds of gins which are sourced from around the world. From here, Martin commenced his own quest of creating the ultimate gin blend.

This endeavour led to the creation of Gin In A Tin, with me and my creativity in tow. The design process and all the illustrations you see on our distinctive packaging have been drawn by me. I am in charge of everything you see on the outside of the brand, whilst Martin concentrates on the gin itself!

Both Martin and I felt there is no better home for Gin In A Tin than being nestled in the idyllic British countryside of the Cotswolds. Today, we proudly offer a remarkable ensemble of 20 gins, each with their own unique and distinctive flavour palette and individual tin design.

Gin In A Tin: The Coronation Gin

Tell us about the gifting element of Gin In A Tin, why does your product make such a great gift?

This is truly one of my favourite questions, as we feel that everyone appreciates getting a tin of exquisite gin delivered directly to their door! In terms of specific gifts, we have a massive range to choose from. Not only do we cater to those with particular hobbies, take our Golf Tin or Tennis Tin for example, but we also have a wonderful line of gin gift sets.

No matter the occasion, our gin gift sets make for the ideal present. For the upcoming festive season, we have our Four Christmas Gift Set, which includes four of our most seasonal blends.  This year sees the launch of our brand new Gin Christmas Crackers. In addition to our festive-ready range, we have our personalised tin options. Nothing says ‘I’ve been thinking of you’ quite like a customised gift. Our personalised tin collection includes some of our most popular designs, such as our Hare and Bumble Bee tins, but also our bold, colourful tins too.

What we love seeing is people cherishing their tins long after the gin is gone. As well as getting a no-nonsense London dry gin with distinct tasting notes, you are also being gifted a tin with a captivating design which will look great on anybody’s drinks shelf. If you simply can’t choose from our range of stylish tins, then you can also gift our gin subscription.

Perfect if you are looking for a gift that keeps on giving – our quarterly gin gift subscription offers your recipient the delight of receiving a stunning blue gift box every 12 weeks, with gins tailored to the changing seasons. Within this exquisite package, they will discover a selection of four distinct gins, each housed in vibrant, seasonal tins.

Who would one of your Gin In A Tin products make a great gift for?

With our extensive and varied collection, it's almost easier to ask who wouldn't find our gin to be an exceptional gift! Our gins have attracted all gin-lovers; including those who love a classic G&T and those who are looking to be adventurous with their drink choices. In terms of gifting, we are proud to say that our fusion of distinct packaging and exceptional gin within each tin has created a winning combination that resonates with all of our customers.

Our range would make a fantastic gift for anyone who appreciates a classic gin with a contemporary twist. Whether it's an experienced gin aficionado in search of a novel and distinct flavour experience or someone who cherishes keepsakes and memories – we’ve got a gin and a design which will suit them. In short, our gins are a perfect gift for anyone that relishes the finer things in life whilst also appreciating the thoughtfulness of a finely-crafted gin.

Gin In A Tin: Animal Gin Gift Set

What does the future have in store for Gin In A Tin?

Again, another great question. Gin In A Tin is always growing and expanding – it felt like only yesterday when we were working on our collaboration with the Historic Royal Palaces. After our ongoing partnership to create The Coronation Tin, we really started to focus on Christmas. Like I touched on briefly earlier, we’ve had some new additions this year in time for the festive season. New to our range is our Christmas Gin Crackers, which are made with a real BANG! We loved the festive tradition of the Christmas cracker, and we thought it could only be improved with the addition of one of our gins. On the outside, you will find either our gorgeously festive Turkey or Partridge design. Inside, you will find a luxurious paper crown, a fun gin fact and a miniature tin of gin.

As well as the Christmas Gin Crackers, we’ve also got our latest addition to the Gin In A Tin family – our cinnamon, frankincense and sweet orange blend. Playfully called the ‘Off To The Inn’ tin, this design features, well, just that! Three kings off to the inn in classic nativity style. As I’ve said, this limited edition tin is new to our ever-growing range and is ideal either as a Christmas gift, or to include in a festive cocktail.

For all other future endeavours, you will have to keep a close eye on us. We’ve got some exciting things happening in 2024, so we would recommend following along in our journey! Why not follow our socials? Our username is @gininatinofficial or sign up to receive our newsletters.

And finally, where can people find you to buy one of your incredible gifts?

You can purchase all our glorious gins from the comfort of your own home via our website directly and in case you were wondering, yes, we can ship internationally.

We are stocked in many UK-based retailers such as John Lewis alongside, delis, farm shops, heritage sites, garden centres, bars, hotels and restaurants; with our successful export side of the business we also find our tins in all corners of the globe.

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