Christmas Do Or Doo?

Christmas Do or Christmas Doo? 

I recently stumbled upon a highly charged Mumsnet discussion over the difference between the phrase ‘do’ or ‘doo’ when describing a social event.

“I’ve always said work’s do. It’s made 10 times worse when people say ‘doo’. I wish people would stop saying it. It’s so annoying and it’s bloody everywhere”

I hear you, Mumsnet users. I made it my mission for the next half hour to soak up as much information as my lobes could handle in solving these burning questions.

Christmas Do or Christmas Doo? What’s the meaning of life & what colour was the dress? I solved it all, in a way... 

Used to denote a party of formality, the phrase ‘do’ originated from Britain in the 1820’s. It’s either that or the US in the 1960’s. The internet was a bit murky there. 

Speculation suggests that the actual phrase originated from the expression “To Do” with setting intention often the cornerstone of organising anything remotely fun. 

Nowadays we use it to describe any social event that requires planning. For example an office Christmas party or a Hen & Stag do!

And there we have it, I solved it. 

Merry Christmas you fools!

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