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Christmas Do Or Doo?

I recently stumbled upon a highly charged Mumsnet discussion over the difference between the phrase ‘do’ or ‘doo’ when describing a social event.

I’ve always said work’s do. It’s made 10 times worse when people say ‘doo’. I wish people would stop saying it. It’s so annoying and it’s bloody everywhere

I hear you, Mumsnet users. I made it my mission for the next half hour to soak up as much information as my grey matter could handle in solving this burning question, which I’ll admit I didn’t even know was on fire until now. I’ve always been a ‘do’ kind of guy!

So is it Christmas Do or Christmas Doo?

Used to denote a party of formality, the phrase ‘do’ originated from Britain in the 1820’s. It’s either that or the US in the 1960’s. The internet was a bit murky there.

Speculation suggests that the actual phrase originated from the expression “To Do” with setting intention often the cornerstone of organising anything remotely fun.

Nowadays we use it to describe any social event that requires planning. For example an office Christmas party or a Hen/Stag (or even Sten) do!

What should I call my Christmas Party night?

The dictionary has spoken….it’s a ‘Do’, not a ‘Doo’. In honesty I reserve the word ‘Doo’ to describe what my dogs do (usually in inappropriate places like the middle of the road you’re crossing or Frank the Crank’s front garden), so I’m happy to be vindicated.

With that solved, you can now merrily move on to the Christmas Party outfit…..oh no, the outfit! The most pressured wardrobe-related purchase of the year….even more so than a wedding I reckon because at least a wedding is with a higher number of people that know you outside of work. I will be of little use when it comes to helping choose your office Christmas Party outfit, so let’s move on to the next dilemma you face….

How to collect money for an office Christmas party

Now this I can help with.

Some of you will be lucky enough for your Christmas dos to be fully subsidised so you need not spend a penny of your own hard-earned cash.

Others don’t get a single thing and then the rest sit somewhere in between.

Whether it be a money pool for accommodation, a kitty for beers, a deposit for a meal, or the tickets for the cabaret show you are going to, one thing is for sure….if you need to pay anything for your office Christmas party, you are going to need to collect money from a group of people.

Collect from a group safely and simply for your Christmas party!

‘Tis the season to be jolly. But not so jolly that you share your personal bank details on a group email to everyone in work surely?  Firstly it’s not safe - I’m not saying your colleagues will misuse them, but should anyone be hacked, including your business, there’s your name, where you work and all of your account details in one place!

Secondly there’s a level of professionalism you’d like to maintain. Having everyone’s payments coming in to your personal bank account makes it really difficult to distinguish and keep track of who paid what and when on your now burgeoning bank statement, and it also makes it nigh on impossible to share the balance, who has paid, who is left to pay etc… without exposing your personal shopping habits.

I mean, no-one needs to know you bought - on a whim - a Bombay Bad Boy pot noodle whilst in your local Co-op last Tuesday so they? No judgement here.

So, why not download Collctiv today and remove all of these hassles in less than a minute?

Simply download the free app, create a pot for your Christmas Do, share the link in anyway you like (email, whatsapp, Meta etc…) and watch the money come rolling in.

People paying in don’t need to download the app, create an account or do any banking. With ApplePay and GooglePay within two taps and about 5 seconds they have paid, or they can type in or scan their card details….taking the entire transaction to about 15 seconds!

Organisers bring people together

Since 2019 Collctiv has helped over 400,000 people from 88 countries come together by making it simple for Organisers to collect money from groups. Whether it's gifts for teachers, office Christmas partis or grassroots sports teams - download our free app today and start bringing people together!

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