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Spring will soon arrive, and many people will be scrambling to get their gardens ready for summer! The vernal equinox - 20th March 2023 - is astronomically the first day of spring in the United Kingdom.

If you have a garden enthusiast or a passionate gardener in your life, you understand how important this hobby is to them. It might be difficult to discover the greatest gardening gifts for someone who has everything, whether it manifests as an obsession with the best garden tools or a steady thirst for new plants.

Gardening gifts

Any gardener or horticulturist will tell you that gardening can rapidly turn from a hobby to a lifelong passion. That implies the gardener in your life most certainly has many of the tools they require. So, what do you get the individual who has stacks of planters on hand and has already mastered their fertiliser blend?

There are numerous paths you might take in your search for gardening gifts. If your lucky recipient wants to attract animals to their garden, a bird feeder or bird bath would be amazing! Plant markers, gardening gloves, or a nice watering can may also be handy if they have a vegetable garden. Perhaps you're giving something to someone who doesn't have a garden but is interested in plants. Then, with a windowsill herb garden, they may practise their indoor gardening skills.

Gardening gift cards

If you're seeking gift card ideas, look no further! We are fortunate in the UK to be able to obtain gift vouchers for almost anything - from real products to experiences and everything in between.

This allows you to adapt the present to the person receiving it without having to know the detail of what they want or need. We have two great gift card options available to you if you are looking for the perfect gardening gift!

John Lewis- Nothing shouts 'upmarket' like John Lewis, an emblem of exceptional customer service and quality. Even better, they cater to a wide range of requirements. They have everything from garden furniture, to gardening essentials such as watering cans and bird feeders. More information can be found here.

B&Q - Europe's largest home improvement and garden centre store.This store has almost everything, so it may be difficult to choose something suitable for your recipient. With a B&Q gift voucher, your recipient may pick and choose the perfect gift for them! More information can be found here.

Gardening is incredibly personal - in most cases a garden is a reflection of the person keeping and tending to it. Often to try and choose something, even with the best of intentions, may be treading on toes and in most instances, you won’t have been able to get a glimpse inside the shed or the garage to know what they already have.

A voucher gives them the control and freedom to choose anything that they want or need; it might be that they want a complete change of direction with the theme or the colour scheme, or they want to replace something that up until last summer was trustworthy and never gave up…..but now makes odd noises, doesn’t work at all and just gathers dust in the corner.

Getting your recipient a voucher shows you recognise their passion, but they get to experience the fun of walking around their fave store with ‘bonus’ money and choosing whatever they like - a privilege they will surely value.

Gardening gift sets perfect for groups

Some may argue that John Lewis is too pricey; however, what if I told you that by pooling funds together, you can treat your loved one to a more expensive gift? Using Collctiv, you and your friends/family can combine your funds to buy an incredible gardening gift.

Download Collctiv here and start collecting money today!

Gardening tools - You can get a huge variety of sophisticated gardening tools. There are some pretty amazing sets out there, such as this 'Treat Republic Personalised Copper Trowel & Fork Set' and many more that will be a fixture in any garden.

Planting- There are loads of beautiful plant containers in a range of sizes available at B&Q. Why not give your loved one one of these plant pots so they may plant a beautiful flowerpot and remember you and your thoughtfulness? This is a wonderful gift that they will treasure.

Push the boat right out! Is it a special birthday? A retirement gift? Why not do something truly special and by harnessing everyone’s collective purchasing power, get them something they could only have dreamt of. For me, that’s a sit-on lawn mower! But it may be a wrought iron bench, a pergola or a relaid lawn!

Gardening publication subscription - If your loved one enjoys reading, why not gift them a gardening magazine membership/subscription to keep them busy? BBC Gardeners' World Magazine is a good example that will provide them with some great advice to keep their garden looking alive and fresh this summer!

The simple way to collect money from a group of people

We've made it simple for you to collect money as an organiser, and we've also made it easy for contributors to pay into your pot. Setting up a Collctiv pot takes less than a minute, and sharing the payment link or QR code with your group is even simpler, regardless of the communication method you use.

People click on the link/QR code to get to the payment screen, then tap to pay into your pot using their preferred payment method, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. They do not need to download an app, join up for anything, or conduct any banking transactions. You'll get your money in a couple of taps and 10 seconds. It really is that easy.

The money is kept in the pot you've set up for the specific event and may then be withdrawn in a lump sum to your bank account or you can use it to purchase gift vouchers straight from your pot - or you can do both. We are committed to giving you every option to ensure you can achieve exactly what you want to.  

Say goodbye to wasting hours trying to reconcile payments received, who they were from (when they inevitably forget to make an identifiable reference or their surname is different to what you thought it was!) Instead, you can easily keep track of the total amount you've received as well as the identities of those who have paid you.

If this is a work collection, a club or a wide circle of their friends and family, the fact that you are using a third party removes ‘you’ from the process. The feeling that people may be questioning where their money is going when they pop £50 into your personal account (they virtually never are, but that doesn’t stop you worrying about it) and the difficulties with sharing a screenshot if it’s your personal account because, if you’re like me, people will immediately see that you live in your overdraft or that you bought a 1kg bar of Dairy Milk and a bottle or two of wine last weekend that mysteriously disappeared!!!

Problem solved without leaving the luxury of your own home or the slight pain of your office swivel chair!

Regain control of your time. Remove the payment friction. Get more than you ever imagined you would and be able to treat the gift recipient to something truly memorable!

To get started, download Collctiv here and start collecting money today!

Organisers bring people together

Since 2019 Collctiv has helped over 550,000 people from 97 countries come together by making it simple for Organisers to collect money from groups. Whether it's a special group gift, group holidays or grassroots sports teams - download our free app today and start bringing people together!

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