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Endless Fun for Kids with Little Starts Gift Cards

Introducing Little Starts Gift Cards

So, your best friend is due to have their first baby! You’ve been invited to the baby shower and you don’t want to turn up empty handed. Or perhaps your niece or nephew is celebrating their first birthday and you’re struggling to work out what it is that one year olds actually… do. Maybe your colleague is always telling you how bored their kids get when they go to the same park every weekend. And you want to show that you care.

Yes, you could buy them a Cocomelon plate and bowl set 🥱. And yes, you could buy them a high chair or a papoose and cross your fingers that they don’t already have one?! As a parent of four, you can trust me when I say this - if it’s something they need, they’ve already got it.

But fear not! There is a far greater alternative! And we are proud to be working with them!

Introducing Little Starts Gift Cards 🎉👶 We’re thrilled to announce that right in time for Christmas, their gift cards are now available to purchase straight from the Collctiv app using the funds in your pot! And just wait until you hear about what they have to offer…

Little Starts work with a broad selection of over 1000 activity providers that host all manner of baby and toddler classes from water babies to rugbytots, sing and sign language classes to slime lab! I know that last one sounds gross to us grown folk, but is a slippery dream to a 4 year old!

Ditch the piles of toys that end up collecting dust in corners and the clothes that are outgrown in a flash. Instead, embrace the gift of exploration, laughter, and learning with Little Starts Gift Cards. These unique gift cards unlock a universe of possibilities, allowing families to choose from a vast array of children's activity classes across the UK.

Picture this: the rhythmic sway of a music class, the splashy fun of a swimming lesson, the graceful twirls of a ballet class, or the creative bursts of an art session. With Little Starts Gift Cards, families hold the reins to craft their own enriching experiences. Whether it's nurturing a budding Mozart, fostering a love for movement, or sparking a passion for colours and shapes, Little Starts gift cards provide a passport to a world of boundless learning and development.

Who’s behind it all

Founder Katie, is a Mum herself and quickly learned that the greatest gifts for kids and families are experiences. New parents don’t want more tasks and toys to trip over! They want to spend time with their children and create memories that will last forever. After all, those early years slip away so quickly!

As she quite rightly says,
“After all, it’s the memories that matter, not the things - isn’t it?”

You can now buy Little Starts gift cards directly from the funds in your Collctiv pot! What a great way to set new parents up with something they’ll love and will support them in creating life-long memories!

So how does it work?

  1. You create a pot and easily collect the money.
  2. You buy a Little Starts gift card straight from the pot.
  3. The recipient gets to decide how they spend the funds. After all, they know their kids better than anyone!
  4. They book a class and feel loved and supported by you!
  5. Everyone else wonders why you’re their new favourite friend.

It really is as simple as that. As a friend, you want to give them something worthwhile. Little Starts help you do that. And if you’re the one to organise it all, there’s even more friend points coming your way! Maybe they’ll return the favour when you have a little one of your own!

And because Little Starts believe in giving back to the planet that nurtures our little ones, they are dedicated to sustainable practices. The gift cards are proudly 100% plastic-free, fully recyclable, and made from materials that can be traced back to the tree they came from.

How can I buy one?

You can purchase gift Little Starts gift cards straight from your Collctiv pot. You no longer need to go scouring the internet for interesting experiences, then pay for it all yourself, then cross your fingers and hope it’s something they’re interested in. All of these steps have been taken care of.

So why not create a pot, share it with the other people who want to show love and give a gift they’ll absolutely love. That goes for the parents and the children!

So, the next time you're pondering what to gift that special little one, remember that the most priceless gifts are the ones that create lasting memories. With Little Starts Gift Cards, you're not just giving a gift; you're opening a door to a world of fun and learning. For more information visit their beautiful, intuitive website, or follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with everything in the world of activity and experience.

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