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Collctiv named on Tally Market’s Shining Stars of the Workplace 2023 List

Tally Market’s Stars of the Workplace List recognises the companies enabling their teams to work from the best workplaces by providing the best spaces and policies. It shines a light on those transforming the spaces in which people work, and celebrates the most innovative and visionary businesses - remote, hybrid and office-based.

“Job seekers are looking to work at companies that provide their team with truly amazing spaces to work. This list shines a light on those companies” Laura Beales, Co-founder of Tally Market.

There was stiff competition with hundreds of applicants applying to make the list and the amazing businesses selected for the list and selected to win awards were nominated by the public and decided on by the incredible judges;

Ben Gateley (Co-founder & CEO of CharlieHR)

Roei Samuel (CEO of Connectd);

Rikke Rosenlund (Founder & CEO at BorrowMyDoggy);

Joe Perkins (Founder of Landscape);

Beth Carter (Growth and Insights Lead at TILLIT) 

Collctiv is delighted to be named on Tally Market’s Stars of the Workplace List 2023 and to be recognised in going the extra mile to provide our team with the best workplace policies and best workspaces.

"We work with companies every day trying to find the very best workplace solutions for their teams. They take months to decide on what would work best - surveying, researching, and visiting spaces. This effort and the subsequent amazing workspaces (and policies) they decide upon should absolutely be celebrated!" Jules Robertson, Co-founder of Tally Market.

You can find out more about the latest opportunities to join the Collctiv team over on our Careers page -

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