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SLT have been experts in group travel since 1984. They offer bespoke tours that meet the needs of their customers. SLT are mainly active in the education and sports sector and manage tours for teachers and coaches on national as well as international turf. 

Dave and his team at SLT know how difficult it is for teachers/coaches to organise and collect the money from parents to make a tour happen for a large group of 20-40 people. 

Before using Collctiv, the tour details were agreed with the customer (the organiser) who then had to go and chase the payments from each member of the group. SLT would need to raise an invoice and send it to the customer for the initial deposit. This was only paid when the group organiser had collected all of the funds. Dave at SLT had no visibility of this, only understanding the current position of the booking by chasing the organiser by email or phone and having to manually check his accounts to see if the deposit had been paid. This process then had to be repeated for the final balance making for a very difficult customer journey and an inefficient process for SLT.

They were looking into options to provide a better customer experience by simplifying the collection of group payments. Collctiv provided the perfect solution. 

The Organiser simply shares a payment link or QR code with their group, via any social communication channel, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, email. Group members tap to pay, using their card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, in less than 10 seconds. This removes a significant amount of friction and improves the process of collecting money from groups drastically. 

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Collctiv also makes it easy for SLT Tours and the organiser to see who paid, how much or what they have paid for and when they’ve made their payment. It doesn’t just streamline the communication between the tour manager and the organiser but gives more control of the process to SLT Tours. 

According to Dave one of the big advantages for him is how it guides his conversations with the organisers. 

“It gives me a really good touch point with the customer to say ‘Oh you’re nearly there now, you’ve got to make three more payments’, where previously I’ve never known that”.

Dave explains that the Collctiv platform allows him to know what he needs to, without having to dive too deep into the financials and accounting software. He feels he has a better grip on sales knowing exactly which groups have paid and who is outstanding, and a more holistic view of the business that complements the use of his CRM. 

The simplification of the payment process also helps SLT to close sales they would have previously lost out on, by organisers who don’t have the time to chase money from parents. According to Dave this is the main return on investment he gets from using Collctiv. 

To Dave’s surprise, but fully expected from our side 😁, Collctiv also saves SLT a lot of time. 

“Time wise, there’s less administrative work for us to do in those phases of organising the trip, because we don’t need to go back and forth to finance, sending invoices. It’s just a link or a whatsapp message, text message that is going out with the payment information. So there’s a return on investment. I can tell you, we’ve got a financial return on investment, also we’ve saved a lot of time as well.”

If you want to find out more about how Collctiv helped Dave’s business, you can watch the full case study here.

Do your customers organise for groups and do they feel the same frustration described above? If so, get in touch to find out how we can help you to improve your customer experience and support you in simplifying your internal operations. You can book a demo here or email us with your questions. 

We look forward to supporting you in growing your business.

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