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Collctiv for Sports! (A simple and fast solution for group payments and money pools!)

The world has re-opened! At Collctiv we are preparing the floodgates by casting our thoughts to those returning to group sports (Both actively & passively).

We have identified three potential scenarios and how our money pools can be of value to you - Students, Parents & fans. All wading knee-deep back into this brave new world of sport for the first time since the lockdown - this one is for you, we hope you enjoy it!


New year new you?? Okay, I know that’s a new years cliche, but for many, Uni represents the chance to start fresh, carving a new identity far removed from the narrative and reputation forged in your home town!

Every student has likely cast thought to achievements they would like to make in their new ventures, people they would like to meet and activities they would like to dive into. Ever since the pandemic, I think there has been a rise in people wanting to get out and get involved in social sports. Perhaps this is the new you that you dreamt of? The fitter, more attractive and happy version that may have been knocking loudly at the back of your cranium during another day wasted playing Fifa in your pants during lockdown!

So you have motivated yourself, got the gear, researched the venue. Only problem, you’re a student and every person you have met in the last two years has the organisational impairments of a seven-year-old… problem. Well, there is only so much you can do on your own, a reality you have accepted already, venue *check*, balls *check*, funny 5-aside team name? Cmon! That’s half the fun! Payments. Arghhh! it appears we have hit a snag. As students, you simply can’t afford to be left out of pocket. The good thing is that whilst your mates are lazy they are still really down to play should an opportunity arise. This is where Collctiv comes in.

Trust us on this, everybody's brain is pre-disposed to find the easiest solution through life should the opportunity present itself!

With Collctiv you can simply create a money pot for the team. Just like that, you have successfully enabled your peers’ addiction to assisted living, all while ensuring you feel awesome about yourself, having once again come to the rescue and embodied that organiser archetype you are subtly proud to wear like a badge (and more power to you!).


What about all you parents?? I see you - Admirable is it not? You’ve accepted the role as the new manager of your child’s U9’s team because nobody else would. That’s great, but now you have to deal with parent feedback, (the same ones that turned down the role) referee costs, pitches etc… The last thing your brain has room to process is the chasing of fees from OTHER parents (remember those organisationally impaired students from the first paragraph? They never really grew up.) So how can you begin to dissect that particular headache from your brain?

With Collctiv, we make it easier to provide an online hub that all the payment stuff can pass through, removing the hassle and allowing you and your team to focus on cheering for your lil’ ones.

The Bros!

How about those of you who identify more as spectators? We completely understand! The Sunday morning ritual of waking up early in the freezing cold to be pelted by spherical leather is not everybody’s cup of tea. However, if the football is so good and the socials be popping, why not compete online instead? School friends, Work colleagues and friendship groups all over the country are participating in fantasy football, sweepstakes & more. Often thrown together with a pinch of financial wager in order to season the insuperable excitement of the premier league and beyond.  

We’ve all been let down by mates who fail to pot in - often leaving the anticipation of a financial payout at the end of the season coming to an underwhelming spurt and sizzle. How can you make the Bro’s accountable?? Well - Collctiv represents a great first step in a solution that may involve utilising firearms (but that’s completely at your discretion & Collctiv will not be liable)  

Collctiv offers a simple solution to an organisational headache that comes with the territory of being alive. With the world finally opening up again, we want to help students, parents and anyone else returning to the field. Our money pool app can help chip away at the unnecessary stress of payment collecting, leaving you free to have fun!

How has Collctiv been able to assist you in your sporting life? Get in touch at our social media accounts! Download the Collctiv app here to pay and play the easy way!

We are at an exciting stage of our business with a lot of new app features on the way, so keep your eyes peeled for the latest Collctiv developments. Be the first to know and sign up for our Newsletter.

Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash
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