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Christmas Party Survival Guide for Organisers

Company Christmas Dos, end of term celebrations, kids' Christmas parties, family get togethers... whatever the reason, it's the season for fun and festive gatherings. If you're the one tasked with organising everyone else's fun this Christmas, read on for some top tips on how to get the party started while also enjoying the fun yourself.

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Don't get left out of pocket

Research by AirBnB has shown that group organisers regularly get left out of pocket. This isn't necessarily because your group of friends are tight or don't want to pay up (though that can also be true!) but more often than not because it is difficult for them to get the money to you. And as the organiser, you don't want a handful of cash, a smattering of bank transfers and some paper IOUs... you want to know exactly how much you've got, collected upfront and in advance of the event itself. Collctiv is such a solution, allowing an organiser to create a pot and share the link to pay with their group - payees don't even have to download the app to pay, it's just three taps and done. Collctiv's CEO Amy Whitell previously shared her experiences in a Business Cloud article of being out of pocket as a social organiser, which led to the genesis of Collctiv itself.

Don't feel responsible for everyone else's fun

You've collected the money, you've organised the food, drinks, and entertainment, and now you're waiting nervously in anticipation for everyone's arrival. By this point, there is nothing else you can do to influence the "success" of the party or event, and you certainly can't take responsibility for whether or not everyone else enjoys themselves. Remember, this party if for you too, so make sure you have a good time!

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Don't do it alone - delegate, delegate, delegate

It's your party, event, Christmas family day and as such you want to make sure every element is perfect. From the food (remember to ask for dietary requirements!) through to the fun (is everyone happy to sing karaoke?) you've spent time and effort thinking everything through. But remember that there are other people who you can call on to help! Once you have an idea of all the tasks that will need completing to make this the Christmas Party of 2023, delegate those tasks out to a few trusted friends, colleagues, or family members. They may have a slightly different way of icing that Christmas cake, or welcoming those guests at the door, but if it gives you back your time it really doesn't matter - leave them to it and concentrate on what you need to do.

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Apply the 80/20 rule - Pareto's Law

Pareto's law states that often it is only 20% of causes that lead to 80% of an outcome. What does this mean in the context of organising a Christmas party? Work out the 20% of your plans that are absolutely crucial to a great event, and make sure you execute those plans brilliantly. Everything else - that edible gold glitter you want to sprinkle on everyone's welcome drinks, or that Christmas-themed toilet paper you found online and want to put in all the venue's toilets - can fall by the wayside. If you get those finishing touches done, that's a bonus. But don't stress yourself out over small things that won't impact the party or the people in any significant way.

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And lastly, enjoy yourself! The festive season only comes around once a year, so make sure you take time to soak up the party atmosphere that you've created and get your party on!

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