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Christmas gifts in the office 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…at least it was until you remembered that you need to sort gifts out for people in work - particularly your boss/leadership team. Eeeeep!

You want them to feel appreciated, to know that their support and guidance has been recognised and valued, but then there’s the whole politics involved of how much do you spend, what is everyone else spending, what if someone else gets them a more expensive bottle of wine or a better box of chocolates? 

So here’s a thought - why not do a team collection….an office whip-round that gets everyone involved? The recipient gets a brilliant present rather than four mugs saying ‘best boss’, three bottles of wine carefully chosen from the far end of a Tesco aisle and a few boxes and a few boxes of those really yummy seashell things, and it prevents everyone having to run round trying to sort cards and presents out 2 or 3 days before Christmas closedown. 

‘But it’s such a pain’ I hear you say! Not any more….download the Collctiv app and begin collecting money today. Simply download the app, create a pot, share the link on email, slack, teams, Whatsapp….anywhere, and start collecting immediately! People paying in don’t need to download an app, create an account, verify an email address or do any banking….it literally couldn’t be easier! 

What should I get my boss for Christmas? 

So here’s some things that you could get flying solo - assuming a budget of around £20/25….

  • A digital photoframe 
  • A weekly planner (you could even get this personalised!) 
  • A mug - especially one carrying a message like ‘Best Boss’ or ‘Hot Stuff’  
  • A fragranced candle 
  • A paperweight complete with inspirational quote 
  • Sweet treats 
  • A bottle of something cheeky (spirits, bubbles, wine) 
  • Smart Squeeze stress ball 
  • Hand cream set 
  • Wooden whiskey stone set 
Person holding a glass of whiskey
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Lots of good stuff there I hope you’ll agree…..but compare that if you will to what you could get with a group gift; 

  • VIP treatment at a swanky Spa 
  • A self-heating mug 
  • Deluxe wooden chess set 
  • Supercar experience 
  • Michelin-star restaurant voucher 
  • Wine aerator and decanter 
  • Coffee machine (a proper one!) 
  • Cashmere scarf 
  • Personalised leather satchel or briefcase 

Now we’re talking right? A significant gift without the office politics of who got what and how much they spent….where anonymity is powerful! No ‘competition’ over who got the best present or chats at water cooler about favourites. Also, if you’re not overly keen on your boss you can put in less than normal and they’ll never know! A win-win.

Download Collctiv to make group gifting a breeze!

I do understand however that this won’t necessarily be right for everyone, so let me provide you with some other ideas for Christmas gifts you may want to consider; 

Funny Christmas gifts

  • A clearly impossible jigsaw - it’s literally entirely transparent!
  • Toilet mini-golf set 
  • Dogs vs Cats Chess Set 
  • World’s smallest Jenga 
  • A Potato Pal - their face/your face….but on a potato. What’s not to love? 
  • A shower beer holder (I’ve already bought one whilst writing this blog!) 
  • A meat bouquet. Flowers are so last season, get them a bouquet of salami instead!
  • Mini beer pong 
  • Cards against humanity
Jigsaw pieces spread out on table
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Premium Christmas Gifts 

Nothing says premium like a branded hamper of goodies. Here’s our top suggestions (also good for group gifting….and expensive enough too!) 

  • The White Company calm hamper
  • Christian Louboutin miniature Eau de Parfum set 
  • GHD Platinum+ Hair Straighteners 
  • Estee Lauder Transformative Face and Eye gift set
  • Fortnum and Mason hamper 
  • Bang and Olufsen earphones 
  • Waterford Crystal Cocktail glasses 

Personalised Christmas gifts

If you are looking for something unique and personalised then look no further than our friends at needi! For no extra cost their fabulous team will offer up some if the very best tailored solutions especially for your giftee - so you can enjoy all of the warm fuzzy feelings you get from seeing them delighted, without the stress and hassle of trying to find something yourself.

What’s even better? If you have the Collctiv app you can access their services straight from your pot! Challenge them to find the perfect gift and I promise you they will! They are THAT GOOD! 

To find out more about needi, check out our blog here

How can I easily collect money for work Christmas presents? 

The answer is fairly straightforward - Collctiv!

Why? Let’s start with what’s right about it:

- Free to download app 
- Set up a pot in seconds
- Share the unique payment link or QR code anywhere 
- Watch the money roll in 

You want more, you say? Well how about this:

- people paying in just tap to pay; no need to download an app, create and account or do any banking 
- they can leave a message to go in a card for the recipient when they pay in - a one stop shop! 
- any contributions to Collctiv are optional when paying in or withdrawing 
- you can get vouchers straight from your pot 
- you can enlist the help of a gifting guru at gifting experts needi straight from your pot 
- you can send the money to someone (either the recipient or someone buying the gifts) 
- you can withdraw the money to your own bank account 

And why not use the other options that are out there?

- Bank transfer; sharing your account details across the office is just risky! Plus, it’s such a faff for people paying in, they just won’t. You’ll end up having to stump up the cash and then spend all of your time chasing people for it back. And no, a pint at the Christmas do isn’t ok - you want the money! 

- Brown envelope; no-one carries cash, very few businesses are fully office-based anymore so trying to catch anyone in is nigh-on impossible and what are you going to do with any cash you do get? Spend your lunch finding a branch to pay it into?

The solution is clear - download Collctiv and start collecting today! 

Organisers bring people together. 

Since 2019 Collctiv has helped nearly 1 million people from 140 countries come together by making it simple for Organisers to collect money from groups. Whether it's gifts for colleagues, group holidays or grassroots sports teams - download our free app today and start bringing people together!

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