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By Outliving MoneyPools, Collctiv Simplified A Revolution.

The Revolution Has Been Simplified...

You heard, 

As previously covered in our blog, here. 

PayPal MoneyPools flopped and is no more. 

A big disappointment for some, for others an opportunity. For Collctiv, we believe that this is the provocation to light the fire. Cue the revolution. Group payments have been simplified. We’ve tickled an armpit that PayPal could simply never reach. Those short-armed fools! 

In this blog, I wish to highlight scenarios in which group payments can be used, and whom they are for.

And I shall do so with great authority as the newly self-appointed: Wizard of Group Pay, Which I shall refer to myself as henceforth. 

Without further ramblings, Los Gehts! 

Create A Money Pool For… A Group Gift? 

Group Gifts, Group Gifts. 

What kind of imagery does that provoke?

I remember my mum baking cookies for my teacher at the end of the school year. 

I'm an adult now (allegedly); I can recently recall pooling with my brother to treat our parents to a meal out as a Christmas gift. 

Gift giving is a wholesome part of our culture and is an excellent way to express gratitude to a loved one to show how appreciated they are. 

Often, however, we are left in situations where a group wants to pool in to get something more meaningful, despite being out of reach financially for a solo effort. 

Often it is down to Organisers to fix the logistics of these operations. Normally they would be left chasing people up. By using Collctiv this process has been simplified, requiring only a pot to facilitate collecting payments from everyone! - easy!

Creating A Money Pool For… A Group Holiday. 

As a Wizard of Group Payments I have a lot of friends.

Many of which are unbelievably fun and often want to do fun stuff. 

The problem with friends is they often are useless when it comes to following up and actually building the plans. 

Recently I organised a group holiday with a bunch of the lads. Due to the travel restrictions, we weren’t able to go to Ibiza and ended up in Bristol instead. Still, staycations are a great way to see the intricacies and beauty within the culture of your own country. Plus they had like two spoons! 

Often the burden of organising is thrust upon me. I’m okay with that, I enjoy the responsibility. However, given the unreliability of everyone else, it often gets frustrating. 

This time was different. I was able to curate a pot named, ‘Big Boys Bristol Bash’. I sent the link to everyone; by the end of the day, everyone had paid in.

This meant I was able to book ahead and not be left out of pocket, which happened often in the past. 

Creating A Money Pool for… Hen & Stag Do’s

This bears a resemblance to holiday organising. 

We’ve also covered a fair bit of ground on the topic during our Stag and Hen campaign. 

In that, we covered every major city in the UK and created our top ideas for Stag and Hen parties in each city. 

That’s all I have to say about that. 

All of my friends are too afraid of commitment to get married anyway. 

Creating A Money Pool For… A Sports Team

I must say - humbly of course - that I’m outstanding at football. 

A bit older now, but in my day I probably had a better goal ratio than the much-disputed claims of Pele. Who wishes he has half the ability of myself. 

All my friends say so. 


Nowadays, as an Organiser. I am the one tasked with coaching my local Sunday side. And to reiterate, I like organising. I volunteered, no problem. 

My knees can’t hack playing anymore at any rate. 

So coaching is all well and good, but the hiccup lies in the fees. 

Have you any idea how many payments you must keep track of as a football coach? 

The kit.

The subs. 

The pitch fees. 

The referee fees. 

The training pitch fees. 

Social kitty? 

It’s a big list of responsibilities. 

Also when it comes to chasing up a group of people regarding pitch, referee fees; coloured card fines. You soon begin to lose the will to live, questioning why you ever got involved in the first place. 

Collctiv and our group payments revolution is once again a godsend. 

In the context of sports, having a simple to use hub for all the payments makes the process of collecting finance so much smoother. In my app, I have a few pots. One for all the aforementioned fees that piled up. 

The system is that each of the lads has a link for each pot. So when it comes to paying up I can just drop them a message and they can pay in within an instance. 

This means as a club, we are never out of pocket. Not at risk of folding and able to fully focus on doing what we enjoy the most. Playing football. Winning at the football; going to the pub afterwards. 

Collctiv Make Group Payments Simple. 

So there you have it. 

With the conclusion of MoneyPools, I hope you have found value in Collctiv and understand how we are working hard to simplify your life. 

We have worked hard to deliver our platform and are confident that we are the number one alternative to the now-defunct MoneyPools. 

Above we covered our top picks for GroupPay but naturally, there is a whole world of organising simplicity waiting to be discovered. 

Go ahead, try it for yourself, you can download our app here

Did we miss any useful information? Get in touch with our social media team here, let us know how Collctiv have simplified your life! 

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