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Best Ways to Pool Money for Teacher Gifts

Honoring our incredible teachers as the school year concludes is an act of gratitude. Pooling money for teacher gifts among fellow parents and caregivers can be quite a task. But don't worry, we have a hassle-free solution for you!

Say goodbye to the logistical challenges and hello to the most convenient method to pool money for end-of-year teacher gifts. Let's dive into Collctiv's top five tips to smoothly sail through this year's gift collection:

1. Add Your Picture to Your Collctiv Profile

Your contact list may have names like "Jake's Mom" and vice versa. Adding a photo to your Collctiv profile eliminates confusion and accelerates the payment process, as everyone knows who is organizing the collection.

2. Create Individual Pots for Each Teacher

Whether you're collecting for one teacher, a few teachers, or the entire staff, Collctiv streamlines the process. You can create individual pots for each teacher retirement gift or year-end gift you're collecting for and monitor the payments right from the app.

3. Personalize and Share Your Payment Link

Asking strangers for money can be awkward. We've got a ready-to-use template for you! Craft a personal message, add the due date and amount, and share your unique Collctiv link via text or email.

Hi Parents, hope all is well! It’s hard to believe that this term ends [date]. I’m organizing a class gift for [teacher name]. If you’d like to be a part of it, please tap the Collctiv link below to contribute by [due date] (no bank details or app download required!). I am collecting [$amount] per child, but feel free to give whatever you’d like. Be sure to add any gift ideas you might have in the app, too!

4. Share Your Pot’s QR Code

If you don’t have everyone’s number but want maximum participation, sharing your pot's QR code is a brilliant option. Post the QR code on your social media channels for visibility, or even print it on a sign or flyer for parents to scan and pay at their convenience.

5. Buy an E-gift Card Directly from the App

After successfully pooling money for the gift for teachers, you can purchase an e-gift card from over 20 popular retailers directly from the app. It's a one-stop solution for collecting and spending the money you've gathered.

In a nutshell, Collctiv makes the process of pooling money for thank you teacher gifts or end-of-year teacher gifts remarkably smooth and easy. Time to start your collection!

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