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Best Teacher Gift Ideas for End of Term

As the school term draws to a close, it's time to show your teachers some serious love. And what better way to do that than with a group gift from the whole class? Here are the top teacher gifts we’ve seen that are sure to make your teachers smile:

Personalised Teacher Gifts:
-Tote Bag: We recommend the LL Bean tote bag for its durability and versatility. It's perfect for carrying everything from a laptop to books, and is great for a day at the beach, too.
-Rubber Stamp: A Collctiv favourite, this personalised gift is not only practical for grading papers but a gift that they’ll remember your class by for years to come. We like this one on Etsy.  

Gift Card: Give your teacher the gift of choice, so they can treat themselves to a well-deserved break or some retail therapy. Choose from AirBnb, John Lewis and dozens more on our app.

MasterClass: Whether your teacher is a budding chef, a zen yogi, or an aspiring singer there's something for everyone. With options ranging from a 30-day pass to a single class or an annual subscription, you can choose the perfect gift to give them access to their heart's desire.

Charity Donation: Finding a charity that someone is passionate about is one of the most thoughtful gifts we’ve seen. Your teacher (and cause) will thank you for it.

Alcohol: Nothing says celebrate - or thank you - like a nice bottle of bubbly or gin.

ZooLife: Give your teacher the gift of a subscription to the world's first virtual and interactive zoo. With exclusive videos, articles, and photos, your teacher can use the content to enhance next term's lesson plans, or simply enjoy in their free time.

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