23 of the best group gifts for a leaving co-worker in 2022

“My colleague is leaving & I have no idea what I should get them... HELP!”

Are you familiar with that feeling? If you’re an Organiser then you probably are… 

Gift buying can be an awkward task to navigate. Pinning down what makes the perfect gift will be different for everybody, including co-workers! We see our work colleagues nearly every day (or virtually every day)... But despite this, you may find yourself sweating with panic when trying to recall every conversation you ever had with Jess from HR... Hobbies? Interests?... Holidays? ANYTHING!

This is okay, it can be difficult to know your colleagues well outside of a work context. Despite spending more time at work than anywhere else! - Especially with our increasingly hybrid work habits seeing a lot of us working remotely instead. 

Nevertheless. It will be Organisers who are constantly lumped last-minute with the responsibility of collecting for, and Organising a group leaving gifts on behalf of the office…

Whilst we want to avoid the standard flowers cliché, we don’t always know our colleagues intimately enough to think up great and original ideas.

So, as a way of helping out - we have compiled what we think are the 25 best ideas for a leaving gift, as a way of getting creative juices flowing and sparking endless ideas for memorable leaving gifts!

And, when you're done reading, don’t forget to check out part two for even more ideas for colleagues leaving gifts!

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What to get for the colleague that’s… been promoted?

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

What to get for a promoted colleague? They’re moving upstairs; you should commemorate that. In a way, they’re not really going away but your day to day conversations and way of relating is probably over, in a professional capacity anyway. My point is, that you should give that person a gift to celebrate the time that you had together, being mindful of the universe and its impermanence at the same time.

Don’t be sad it’s over, be glad it happened. And if you’re still sad about it, they now earn more money than you, probably… Que the resentment!

Moment after moment after moment after moment after moment aft…

  1. A Spa voucher

Do you know what’s stressful? A new job, especially a promotion, why? Because of new responsibilities of course! The best way to prepare somebody is by giving them a chance to unwind mentally; physically. I’m a big advocate of Spa days doing just that. Sure enough, if everybody chips in, that could be a perfect way to treat somebody.

  1. A sarcastic card

Rooted in good faith and humour, as I mentioned earlier, promotions are often accompanied by eye rolls and jabs. This is because the prospect of losing a co-worker to a shiny new upgraded boss with new responsibilities and sternness is often a frightening prospect. My default mode is to poke fun at any fears, do that, but with a sarcastic card that is also funny. Just a heads up, the rest of this segment follows a similar theme. 

  1. An office mug

What is the deal with mugs and office territory? Mugs are a sort of physical representation of identity within an office. Why not give somebody the chance to recall their past time spent in fondness with a brand new mug to grace the kitchens of wherever it is they’ve been promoted to?

  1. Stationary

A commemorative notepad, pens and pencils? You can customise it in a way that shows that you’re sorry to see them go, but then again thankful for the time that you did get to spend with them!

  1. Engraved pen

It’s a similar story with a pen, but the difference is that with a pen you can engrave a personalised message to make it extra personal and extra meaningful!

What to get for the colleague that’s… retiring? 

They have completed the work! That’s a whole lifetime and legacy built and it’s now coming to an end. If that’s not worth celebrating, I'm not sure what is. With this list I tried to be mindful of the recipient and that you, the reader, may have a hunger for a few unusual and ‘outside of the box' experiences, making for a truly unique send off!

  1. A Gardening voucher, a big one.

I’ve put a gardening voucher here, but don’t let that throw you. I put gardening because that’s the retirement stereotype. “What are you planning to do with your time Kenneth?”, “Gardening Billy”... In actuality, anything goes that you think they might like, I just wanted to throw a curveball in the title section to be assumptive.

  1. Contribute to a hobby

I’ve never been retired, but, I imagine the biggest complaint from that community is the insecurity about what to do with all that time? Without the right plan, retirement could be just bedding preparation for the reaper, earnestly spent by a window; thumb-twiddling to the max. How you can help fill that time, as colleagues, is to contribute to the retiree’s hobby. For example, golf, gardening, or mountaineering?

  1. A tool for subsequent hobby

Just to follow on, go one step further and provide them with a tool to complete their hobby with. Personalise it, make it sentimental because it’s the right thing to do, man!

  1. Restaurant vouchers

For the outgoing retiree, allow them to still be out and active, treat them to a night out in the shape of a meal for example. An experience is a lovely way to provide a memorable outing gift, commemorating a career coming to an end.

  1. A subscription service

For the stay-at-home retiree, allow them to hibernate and catch up on all the things they’ve missed over the last few decades spent firmly stapled to a career. Pay for their damn Netflix!

That’s everything for part one. Still not feeling inspired? Be sure to check out part two here! 

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