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Wondering how to pick the perfect gift with Collctiv?

Collctiv makes group gifting a breeze, but even the most seasoned gifters can sometimes get stumped for ideas. This is where you can come in and play a big part in helping your group gift organiser to pick the perfect present for your recipient.

How does this work?

Collctiv offers a gift shop with a huge array of gifts on offer to your group gift organiser. They can purchase these for the gift recipient directly with the contributions you and the rest of the group have made into the collection pot.

How can I help?

Click the link in the payment receipt email you've just received. You'll be taken into the gift shop where you can search and suggest any of the products on offer. When you click to suggest, your gift organiser gets a notified and your suggestion goes into a list gift ideas!

Any questions? Simply reach out to our friendly support team at and we'll happily help!

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