Collect money from friends in seconds.

We make it easy for people to do the things they love with the people they love - without sticking the organizer with the bill.
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Are you the organizer in your group of friends?
We know it can be super awkward (and frustrating!) chasing friends down for money, so we've made it easy to collect money from groups of people. Here's how: You request money from friends by sending them a custom payment link, they pay you using their digital wallet (no account creation or app download required).
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Collctiv can be used in WhatsApp, iMessage, email, SMS, Zoom, Twitch, basically anywhere.

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Everything you need in an app
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Set up your account in minutes.
We know that time is money, which is why we've made the account setup process super simple. We collect only the essential information required to ensure the safety and security of your account and money.
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Friends pay you with a single tap using their digital wallet - no matter where they live.
We know not all of your friends and family live in the same place, or use the same app to send or pool money. Which is why with Collctiv, they can pay you from anywhere in the world without paying hefty transaction fees, and without having to create their own account or download the app.
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Send to 1 person or hundreds of people. Keep track of who’s paid and what they’ve paid for in real time.
Whether it’s a gift collection for your son’s teacher, a group savings account for your annual “girls’ trip”, or cash for your best friend’s bachelor party - you can pool money for multiple things at the same time. Friends can leave messages on their payments, too, so you know exactly what they’re paying for.
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Withdraw your funds quickly and easily in 2-3 days.
We don’t believe in holding your hard earned money ransom. In just 2-3 working days you can withdraw your group’s money to your bank account. You can also send your funds to someone else.
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Cash in your pool for an e-gift card. Right in the app.
Choose from 20+ popular retailers and send it instantly.
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Keep your money safe and secure.
We use Stripe as a globally-trusted and FCA-regulated payment processor to verify the identity of anyone collecting and withdrawing money from the Collctiv app. All of our payments are 3D secured by default, which means that we ask your bank or card issuer to require you to authorize any payment you send to Collctiv. Until you are ready to withdraw your funds, Stripe securely stores and safeguards your money.
5 Star rating review
5 star service
5 star service. Very easy to use and the customer service is always there if you are stuck! Highly recommend it!
Karen Richardson
5 Star rating review
Collctiv is simple to use and works well
Collctiv is simple to use and works really well. I've used it to create collections for teachers' gifts and birthday gifts. I can easily share the links and open and close the collections when I need to. It takes a few days to get the payments into your account but you can factor that in.
Alissa Thomson
5 Star rating review
Super easy to use
Super easy to use, very intuitive. Really handy for class collections. Almost every class in our school uses it for various things and a lot of kids use them for a birthday collection in lieu of physical gifts. Love the app!
Helen Gardiner
5 Star rating review
Very easy to use and worked perfectly
Very easy to use and worked perfectly for collecting a gift for coaches at a big running club. It was easy to set up and easy to withdraw money at the end!
Thousands of happy Collctors are now collecting money upfront from their group of friends, family or coworkers.
Here's how it works:
Create a pot
Set up your collection
Let your friends know what (or who) you are requesting money for, how much they should put in, and when you need their money.
Share the payment link
Share the payment link
Wherever you are already in touch with your friends (text, email, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.) - simply share your link straight from the app.
Watch the money roll in
Watch those zeros turn into dollars
Friends just open their digital wallets and double-click to pay. No account creation or app download is needed.
Stop being left out of pocket.
Start using Collctiv!
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