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Need a money pool alternative to Braid?

As of June 8, 2023, Braid App is closing up shop.
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How does Collctiv work?
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Let your friends know what (or who) you are requesting money for, how much they should put in, and when you need their money by. Each collection has a unique payment link and QR code.
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WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, text, email, carrier pigeon, printed out QR sellotaped to the back of a tortoise... (ok, so we don't recommend that last one).
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Text, email, Slack, printed out QR code taped to the back of a tortoise (okay we don’t recommend that last one).
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Tap to pay
Friends just open their digital wallets and double-click to pay. No account creation, app download, or doling out personal bank details needed.
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It's free. Seriously.
I know, how can that be true?
Well, we give you and your group the option to leave us a donation if you can. But you're totally free not to :)
Everything you need in an app
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Set up your account in minutes.
We know that time is money, which is why we've made the account setup process super simple. We collect only the essential information required to ensure the safety and security of your account and money.
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Collect money without sharing your bank details
With Collctiv there’s no need to share private and sensitive data such as your bank details. Our payment link also much easier for people paying into the money pool too as let’s be honest, no one likes copying bank details! So it’s “Win Win”!
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Friends pay you with a single tap using their digital wallet - no matter where they live.
We know not all of your friends and family live in the same place, or use the same app to send or pool money. Which is why with Collctiv, they can pay you from anywhere in the world without paying hefty transaction fees, and without having to create their own account or download the app.
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Keep track of who's paid and what they've paid for in real-time.
Whether it's a gift collection for your son's teacher, a fundraiser for a friend in need, or cash for your honeymoon fund - you can pool money for multiple things at the same time. Friends can leave messages on their payments, too, so you know exactly what they're paying for.
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Withdraw your funds quickly and easily in 2-3 days.
We don't believe in holding your hard earned money ransom. In just 2-3 working days you can transfer your group's money to your bank account, send it to someone else, or cash out for an e-gift card. All straight from the app.
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Keep your money safe and secure.
We use Stripe as a globally-trusted and FCA-regulated payment processor to verify the identity of anyone collecting and withdrawing money from the Collctiv app. All of our payments are 3D secured by default, which means that we ask your bank or card issuer to require you to authorize any payment you send to Collctiv.
No strings
(or cookies) attached.
If we can't help you collect money from friends, delete the app for goodness sake. Ain't nobody got the space for useless apps on their phones these days.
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Commonly Asked Questions
Why should I download your app? What makes you so special?
Our whole purpose is to make it easy for you to collect money from your friends. We know how annoying it is, when you've gone to all the hard work of researching that perfect gift for a colleague, or intricately planning that trip of a lifetime for all your pals, AND PEOPLE DON'T PAY UP. 🤬 I mean, it's beyond rude, really. And each time, they swear down they'll pay you back (they never do), or they'll buy you a drink (still kinda thirsty over here), or they'll plan the next do (yeah, right, course you will, Dave). It's not that our friends and family are inherently bad people (at least, we don't think they are 🤔), but there's something that stops them putting their hand in their proverbial pocket and handing over the dough. Collctiv was started by a self-confessed Organiser, after being left out of pocket one too many times 🙋 We are built for one thing, and one thing only: to make sure you that you get the money you need for the thing you're planning for your group to go ahead! 🕺
Who are you guys anyway?
We're Collctiv, a friendly bunch based in the UK 🇬🇧 We're a FinTech company, which simply means we use state-of-the-art financial technology 🤓 to make it easier for you to split payments with your friends. More specifically, we make it easier for you to collect money upfront from your group, so you don't have to pay out for people, crossing your fingers 🤞 and hoping they pay you back. Our founders are Amy Whitell (CEO) and Pete Casson (CTO), who between them have over 30 years experience building technologies and businesses that have real impact on people's lives. More importantly, Pete (a Contributor) used to owe Amy (an Organiser) money all of the time. Nowadays he has no excuse, and everything is right with the world 😌
Am I signing away my soul in any sort of way (a.k.a. are there any long term contracts or commitments)?
Nope! You agree to the Ts & Cs on signup, and then effectively again each time you use the service. You can withdraw your money and delete the app any time you like. (Please don't though, we'd be rather sad 😢) You can view our full terms and legally bits here.
How can I get help if I need it?
We like to think of ourselves as a helpful bunch. We've built this app to help you collect money from your friends, and to help your friends to chip in to your money pools more easily. And if you are having any issues at all, we'd love to help! In fact, we relish the challenge 💪 You can reach us via:
  1. Live chat on the app or site, during UK working hours of 9-5pm GMT / 2 pm - 10 pm EST / 11 am - 7 pm PST
  2. Email:
  3. Contact us form on our site
Are you guys regulated and compliant?
Yes we are. Collctiv is a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 11783005. We use Stripe to process all payments and identity checks, and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under licence number 900461.
Once I've collected all of the money for my pool, how do I spend it?
You can withdraw the funds in 2-3 working days directly to your bank account, send it to someone else, or cash out and purchase an e-gift card from over 20 retailers, right on the app.
Stop being left out of pocket.
Start using Collctiv.
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