For the soon to be (free) retired
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For the soon to be (free) retired

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Perhaps they're a well-loved colleague who's reluctantly hanging up their boots, or maybe they've been planning their retirement for years. Either way, send them off in style with these unique gifts that show them how much you've appreciated them over the years.

To help them unwind and relax after that final day in the office, we've included a box of Cocoa Tree chocolate and a lovely bottle of red wine (alcohol-free so they can wake up fresh-faced the next day and ready to start their retirement adventure!).

Our Hedgehug Clock will be a nostalgic reminder of all the wonderful times they had with the team, and the Beach Hut Mug will nudge them to keep on enjoying their new-found freedom.

And just in case they might feel a bit lost for things to do now that they've got more time on their hands, we've included a Things To Do When You're Retired Box from A Year Of Dates. Inside the gift box there are 25 sealed envelopes, each containing an activity they can do with friends, alone, or with family. Some activities can be done at home, others involve a night out or a day trip, so there are plenty of surprises. There are also five blank cards they can personalise with their own ideas.

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