For the person who needs some TLC
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For the person who needs some TLC

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We all know someone going through a tough time. Often we want to show them that their friends and family are there for them, thinking about them. This collection of gifts does just that: practical care in one box.

To help relax those blues away, the Me Time Lavender Gift Box contains everything they need for a little at-home R&R. And because we know that writing about those things that burden us can help ease the burden - after all, they do say that a problem shared is a problem halved - we've included our much-loved Plantable Notebook. Not only can they write away to their hearts content, but once they're done they can then go on and plant the notebook's cover and watch the beautiful array of colourful wildflowers come to life.

Finally, to help them prioritise being kind to themselves at this difficult time, we've included the Just For You Box from A Year Of Dates. There are 24 envelopes in the box. 12 are already printed and sealed with inspirational self care ideas, and 12 are blank, so they can add personalised ideas. There’s a mix of ideas to do at home, and outside, and they are suitable for any gender. Hopefully this will help them to have some moments of hope and positivity at this time.

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