For the dog-loving teacher
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For the dog-loving teacher

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There's always one teacher who gushes over their Greyhound or boasts about their Bulldog. And we parents quite understand! Get them this bundle of goodies to show them you care.

If they're wistfully wishing for a Westie in the classroom then our Westie Cushion will bridge the gap. Or if they prefer to pontificate about pugs, our Pug of Tea Mug and Coaster will pug on their heartstrings.

Once they've broken up for the term and are back at home with their furry, four-legged friend, they can put their feet up and relax with a steaming hot loose-leafed brew - thanks to our Loose Leaf In A Cup Gift Set - and some deliciously hand-made chocolate goodies from Cocoa Tree. The Me Time Lavender Gift Box will also help them sink into a satisfied post-walkies slump, with some at-home beauty care.

Speaking of at-home self-care, we've included a Just For You Box from our friends at A Year of Dates - a box of 24 envelopes containing inspirational ideas for them to look after themselves properly. And if you'd like to customise the box, simply drop us a line and we'll get it sorted!

What's in the bundle?

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