How can I purchase a Love2shop physical gift card?

It's the one you've all been asking for... a match made in heaven: Collctiv now stocks Love2shop gift cards!

Collctiv and Love2shop have partnered, bringing the UK's #1 multi-store gift card into our range of gift card options!

The Love2shop gift card enables you or your recipient to spend the card balance with over 40 of the UK’s leading retailers, including John Lewis, M&S, Argos and many more.

The best part? You can even choose to redeem a physical Love2shop card - delivered to you free of charge! - so you can present this thoughtful gift in person! 

To purchase a Love2shop e-gift card:

  1. Head to the ‘Pots’ screen in your Collctiv app and choose the pot that you’d like to buy from
  2. Tap the ‘Send Money’ button
  3. From this menu, select ‘Give an e-gift card’
  4. Select ‘Love2shop’ from our range of options
  5. Enter the amount that you’d like to add to the card from your pot balance
  6. Choose whether to email it to yourself, or send it straight to the recipient's inbox

To purchase a Love2shop physical gift card:

If you would prefer a physical gift card, simply follow the above steps, but on the final step, ensure that you send the email to yourself.

Once you’ve received the email, simply redeem the gift card using your unique code and from the list of options, choose the ‘Physical Gift Card’.

You can deliver the gift card to the address of your choice (whether it’s your own home address or your recipient’s), and even include a personalised message.

Shipping is completely free as well!