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Collctiv Update to Terms and Conditions 15/11/2022

Changes to Terms and Conditions 

We’ve made some updates to our terms & conditions

The main change is that for all new pots created on or after Tuesday 15th November, there will now be a fixed fee of £0.50/$0.50 on payments made into your pot. This applies to all payments made and cannot be turned off. This offsets some of the costs involved in moving your money around.

You can still choose to contribute 5% of your payment value to Collctiv on top of this fixed amount. This 5% remains voluntary for you to switch off or on as you desire to help us to continue to offer the service.

When does this take effect?

Pots created on or after Tuesday 15th November will have the £0.50/$0.50 applied. Any pots created before the 15th December will not.

How can I get in touch?

As always, we are here for you to answer any questions or support you in any way you need from 8am until 8pm GMT. Simply contact us via email at or utilise our livechat option on our homepage at

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