We help marketers deliver kick-ass campaigns that smash sales targets in a quarter of the time it normally takes, without any upfront cost or risk.

You bring the great products and tantalising deals. We enable your customers to shout about them.
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Over 450 companies averaging 370% increase in daily sales... and counting!

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"It's been incredible, most of the sales have come from new customers, or customers who don't buy a lot"

240% increase in daily sales
90% of sales from new customers
Grace Vella, former professional footballer and founder of MissKick

Score results like Miss Kick!

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Be the hero of your company by delivering 370% sales growth at a fraction of your normal advertising costs.
Activate word of mouth and see 90% of your new sales come from brand new customers.
Decrease average campaign time by 75% - and be able to run more campaigns!


Drive 370% daily sales increase by using CrowdPay to harness the power of word of mouth viral sales.

Incentivise each of your customers to share your deals with at least 13 of their friends by using deadlines and minimum order triggers.

Make it easy for your customers to both join and share a deal, with simple tap-to-pay links using Apple Pay, Google Pay or their card.


Only pay when you sell. No monthly subscription just  6% on transactions

Unlimited campaign creation - drive up daily sales
Complete campaign control - set your own triggers and deadlines to acquire new customers
Only pay when you sell - zero risk: if your campaign isn't successful and doesn't trigger, don't pay anything
Unparalleled customer insight - see how each campaign performs and who are your top advocates
Dedicated online store - autogenerated and autopopulated with your deals so you can focus on selling
Payment processing included - sell to a global audience by accepting all major cards, Apple & Google Pay
Manage your orders - shipping, fulfilment and refunds all manageable and included
Automate co-branded and customisable emails included - communicate directly with your customers to increase sales
Support and maintenance - chat with us via live chat or visit the knowledgebase for tips on how to maximise your campaigns
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Common Questions

Why should I sign up with you guys? What makes you so special?

Our whole purpose is to make it easy for you to sell to groups of people. We literally exist to help you grow your sales. If your customer is an organiser who has to collect money from a group of their friends to buy your product - for example as a group gift purchase - or you want to be able to sell to whole groups of friends in a viral way, that's where we come in. We don't just process your payments (though that part of our offering is pretty epic), we maximise your marketing campaigns, add the power of digital to word of mouth, and bring you the benefit of data and insights from multiple merchants' successful campaigns.

Who are you guys anyway?

We're Collctiv, a friendly bunch based in the UK. We're a FinTech company, which simply means we use state-of-the-art financial technology to make it easier for your customers to pay you. Our founders are Amy Whitell (CEO) and Pete Casson (CTO), who between them have over 30 years experience building technologies and businesses that have real impact on their customers' lives.

What happens if I wait?

You will keep on getting the results you currently get, and won't see increases in your daily sales of 370% over your campaigns. Seriously, that's the average increase we deliver for our merchants who run a campaign using our platform.And because of the current global pandemic, we also have a limited-time offer of the first month subscription-free and transaction fees down from 10% to 6% - we want to help companies bounce back as quickly as possible in this post-covid era, and because our platform helps grow sales, we want as many people to be able to access that as possible - risk-free. We can't keep this offer on forever though, so make sure to take advantage of it by signing up today for your free trial!

What results will I actually get from this?

The results that our merchants report back to us fall into three main categories:
  1. Increase in daily sales value of 370% on average;
  2. Increase in new customers of 131% on average;
  3. Reduction in the time take to run a campaign to achieve those results by 75% on average.
These incredible results are made possible by two things: firstly, your great products and offers, and secondly, our technology that makes those offers go viral. This virality both speeds up the rate at which you get sales, and also the proportion of those sales that come from brand new customers. In simple terms, we've made word of mouth digital and drivable.

What exactly am I signing up for? What are the features / benefits?

You are signing up for access to the Collctiv platform. On the platform you can create CrowdPay campaigns to sell your products, and / or simple fixed payment requests. Each campaign or request you create has a unique link and QR code. When you create your first CrowdPay, our platform automatically creates you a landing page with your own unique link and QR code to that page - it autopopulates with your logo and live and upcoming deals. As you launch your campaigns, all payment processing is included and you can view and manage payments, orders and refunds on the platform. Receipt emails are automatically generated and sent to your customers, as are campaign update emails when using CrowdPay - you have the ability to edit these emails within the platform. You can create an unlimited number of campaigns and payment requests. You are also able to view your balance, and manage payouts. Support is included, and there is a live chat function on the platform should you need to chat to someone while on there.

How much does it cost? Are there any hidden fees?

There is a transaction fee per transaction of 10%. All prices are exclusive of VAT or applicable sales tax.
To help our customers during the coronavirus pandemic, we currently have an offer on pricing:
  1. Transaction fees at 6%
You can access the platform for free - this means that you pay nothing until we successfully help you grow your sales! Once you take your first payment, then you will pay the transaction fees.
Our fees are designed to be simple and transparent. They include:
  1. Unlimited campaign creation;
  2. Payment processing;
  3. Refunds to your customers - managed by you through the platform;
  4. Receipt of international payments - 'international' being defined as currencies outside of the currency in the country your business is based in.
The only additional fee is that of fraud disputes - if we receive notification from a customer (via their bank or card issuer), we will deduct the amount being disputed plus £20 from your balance while the dispute is investigated. If the dispute is resolved in your favour, we will return the disputed amount and the £20 to you. If the dispute is resolved in the customer's favour, we won't return the disputed amount or £20 fee to you. But don't worry, we have an incredibly low rate of disputes due to our fraud detection and prevention software and processes.

Are there any long term contracts?

Nope! If you sign up and choose to pay monthly, your contract with us is on a monthly rolling basis. If you choose to pay annually, your contract is on an annual rolling basis. You can view our full terms here.

What's included in the support?

Our whole purpose at Collctiv is to help you grow your sales by selling to groups of customers in a simple and seamless way. As such, if you are experiencing any difficulties or need any assistance with the platform and your campaigns, we want to be on hand to help as much as we can. With this in mind, we will endeavour to:
  1. Respond to any communication within 1 business day;
  2. Be responsive on live chat, accessed via the platform, during normal working hours on business days;
  3. Be contactable via email: support@collctiv.com.
General maintenance of the platform is also included, and we will notify you of any updates and maintenance as and when it happens.

How do I present this to my team?

Very easily! To the rest of your marketing team, you can present Collctiv as a way to run a campaign that will deliver an increase in your normal campaign sales of 370%, acquire brand new customers from word of mouth referrals, and all at a lower cost of acquisition that you would normally spend.

And as there is no technical integration required to get started, you can first get those results before presenting this solution to your wider team.

How do I communicate this to my customers?

In very simple terms, as our simple-tap-to-pay solution is designed to be intuitive and easy to use.
If running a discount CrowdPay, you will likely be sharing the deal on your social channels. The description on that post can include something similar to the following:
"Click here [link] to join the deal! This deal will only go ahead once enough people have joined - so make sure you share with your friends!"
If running a pre-sale CrowdPay, you will want to include something along the lines of:
"Click here [link] to place your vote! Your favourite item will only get [produced / added to the deal] if enough people vote, so get sharing to make sure you get the item you want!"

If you need any help or ideas, get in touch via the live chat or support@collctiv.com!

Are you guys regulated and compliant?

Yes we are. Collctiv is a company registered in England and Wales under company registration number 11783005. We use Stripe to process all payments and identity checks, and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under licence number 900461.

Can I do an integration with your platform and our ecommerce site?

You can indeed! While there's no need to worry about an integration if you just want to use our platform to create deals manually, we can facilitate a full technical integration with your site. Please contact us at sales@collctiv.com for more details on a technical integration.