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Sell to more people and increase your sales.
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Are you missing out on sales?

Do you sell products, events or services to groups of people, but only let one person pay?

You will be missing opportunities, risking high purchase drop-off rates, and losing sales.

Your potential customer might have to leave your site to collect money from other people before making the purchase - and they might never come back.

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Give choice to your customer

Giving your customers the choice to buy as a group will:

1. Enable them to split the cost between friends & family

2. Give them the chance to make a bigger purchase or booking

3. Keep them on your site so they can complete their purchase or booking there and then.

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We understand your customers' pain.

Buying as a group is a nightmare. Collecting money from a group is a hassle.

We are the group payments experts, trusted by thousands of people to help them purchase as a group.

Let us help you to help your customers.

How does it work?

Collctiv has been designed to get you up and running in next to no time. We've made our platform seemless to integrate.
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Works with your current systems

Plug Collctiv into your existing booking or purchase system.

Send the link

Give your customer a unique group payment link or QR code.

Secure the sale

Receive money from the whole group of payees.

Ready to increase your sales?

Book a time that suits you and let's discuss how we can enable you to increase your sales and reach new audiences now.

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