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Increase your sales, reduce your checkout bounce rate and give groups flexibility like never before.
Selling to groups has never been easier.

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Are you missing out on sales?

Do you sell products, events or services to groups of people, but only let one person pay?

You will be missing opportunities, risking high purchase drop-off rates, and losing sales.

Your potential customer might have to leave your site to collect money from other people before making the purchase - and they might never come back.

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Pay By Group example integrationPay using our Pay By Group technology along with Apple & Google Pay.

Give choice to your customer

Giving your customers the choice to buy as a group will:

  1. Enable them to split the cost between friends & family.
  2. Give them the chance to make a bigger purchase or booking.
  3. Keep them on your site so they can complete their purchase or booking there and then.
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What our customers are saying

It's been incredible, most of the sales have come from new customers.
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Grace Vella, CEO of Misskick
Grace Vella
CEO of Misskick
Our bookings are made and paid for in 20% of the time since we started using Collctiv.
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David Richardson, MD of SLT Tours
David Richardson
MD of SLT Tours
Fifth them blessed appear form our grass appear, living land Whales she'd whose moved wherein was midst, fifth their cattle.
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Darren Smith
CEO of a Company

Helping you succeed

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Only pay when you sell
We think you should only pay for what you use, so why pay us if you aren't selling? You only pay when your customers buy.
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Ready to use in minutes
Start selling to groups in minutes using our console, copy and paste code into your site, add a checkout button or go the whole-hog and fully integrate with our API.
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Simple payment fees
We like to keep things simple, so all you pay is a transaction fee, that's it, no other hidden charges.
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Simple, practical interface
Because no-one likes to feel like their little sister built them a payments app for a school project...
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Security at its core
We use the highest levels of authentication on payments (3D secure, if you're wondering). Doubt your bank does. #justsayin
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Support and maintenance
Chat with us via live chat (please, we love to chat!) or visit the knowledgebase for a variety of tips.

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£m+ payments
We've processed millions of pounds of payments for businesses all around the world.
Global customers
Connect with new customers all over the world instantly. With Collctiv you meet all of the group members not just the organiser.
50+ countries
We have customers in over 50 countries around the world, you're in great company.
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